Nano Zone Trading now introduced the best blood oxygen level meters in Sri Lanka. These blood oxygen level meters enable users to check blood oxygen saturation levels and heart rate. They have become invaluable diagnostic tools because of ease of use, portability, and applicability in a wide range of clinical settings. The blood oxygen level meter is also a key tool for monitoring high-risk or infected individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic and post-discharge care and home hospitalization. They are also designed specifically to measure oxygen levels while in airplanes and to play sports.

Blood oxygen level meters measure the saturation of arterial hemoglobin oxygen from the ratio of pulsate to total transmitted red light, separated by the percentage of trans illuminating infrared light to the finger, ear, or other tissue. One of the sides of the blood oxygen level meter has a cavity. You just need to put your finger into that cavity, and within a few seconds, the screen will reveal your heart rate, blood oxygen level, and more. It is non-invasive and painless. Suitable for both professionals and non-professionals. You can now track your health at an affordable price.

To order the product and for further inquiries, please contact +94 77 86 20 567 Ruwan D Alviz.  Island wide delivery available. We at Nano Zone Trading will keep doing our best to guarantee that your transactions are completed successfully and to your fullest satisfaction.