If your business required a lot of attention to LAN network cables, it is very useful for you to have an Ethernet Cable Tester in hand. It is a very smart professional tool that you can use for identifying issues in your cat5 and cat6 cables. As a pioneer Fluke network tester supplier in the market, we have the most affordable price for Ethernet Cable Testers which you can buy in Sri Lanka. It is also can be used to check the issues of rj45 and LAN networks, so you can use this to check your internet speed at household as well.

Our Fluke Network Tester has a very accurate reading in network performances. For the tests in cat5 and cat6 copper cables, it uses the fiber optic TDR technology to measure the distance in a cable to the fault. All the network test performances of this Fluke cable tester are run to IEEE802.3ab standard. While the installation of copper and fiber cabling, it verifies the gigabit link as well. For active networks, this rj45 tester can identify the IP addresses, devices and verify the LAN network configuration.

For the troubleshooting of the fiber cabling, it has an optical power indication. With a compatible amplifier probe (62-164) it has an ability to identify the rj45 cables. It works toward identifying errors in hardware, ping the Internet URL and local devices in active LAN networks. Since it shows the port ID, you can eliminate manual cabling on your network when necessary. After all performance tests, it provides the reports to transfer as a PDF or CSV file. You can check it through your connected smart device and save into a USB or send as an email.

With no doubt it is one of the best Network Testers to improve the quality of your business in a most cost-effective way. So call us to order yours for a low price than the other suppliers in the market. We are happy to offer the after service for 12 months for all purchases.

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